Living Building Challenge is the most complex and complex standard of modern green construction of “living buildings”


The Living Building Challenge standard does not stop at the main issues of certification, but focuses on the critical goals of creating objects of a high level of environmental friendliness and sustainability.


It is assumed, that in order to achieve this advanced standard, typical best practices are already being followed and supported by experienced team consultants.


The implementation of this standard requires advanced technical knowledge, an integrated approach to design, as well as design and construction teams well versed in advanced methods related to green construction.



  1. Living Building Challenge compliance is based on actual, not simulated or expected results. Thus, the projects must be in operation for at least twelve months before the audit to confirm compliance with the stated requirements.

  2. All Living Building Challenge projects should be holistic – they should address aspects of all seven principles (petals) of the standard: place, water, energy, materials, health and happiness, equity, beauty.