BREEAM Certification

BREEAM real estate certification

The BREEAM assessment standard includes advanced European construction practices aimed at reducing the negative impact on ecology, climate, and improving the quality and performance characteristics of the building.

Criteria for BREEAM evaluating of a building:

  • Health and well-being
  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Water
  • Materials
  • Waste
  • Land use and ecology
  • Environmental pollution
  • Innovation
  • Management

HPBS expert team:

  • Provides BREEAM project support to a high level.
  • Guarantees the result.

We bring all projects to the end and give a guarantee for obtaining a BREEAM certificate.


  • Guarantees low construction cost.

By following our BREEAM system recommendations, you will achieve optimal construction costs.


  • Guarantees effective interaction.

We work closely in the project team, timely control and explain BREEAM requirements.

Our services include:

  • Development of STR (special technical regulations) for certification.

Your project will be analyzed according to all the criteria of the BREEAM certification system. Points, level and solutions required for certification will be determined.


  • Budgeting additional costs for certification.

Budget for additional costs in connection with the certification process and implementation of solutions to increase the rating.


  • Consulting support.

We accompany the project team from concept to exploitation, we are constantly in touch and monitor the design and construction process in accordance with the developed BREEAM building certification strategy.


  • Preparation of BREEAM appraiser reports.

The BREEAM certificate is issued based on the result of evaluation by our appraiser and verification of the project in the UK. We undertake all the coordination and adapt the documentation for the BRE Global certification body.


  • Obtaining a BREEAM certificate.

We take all the trouble of communicating with international experts, prepare calculations, explanatory notes, answer questions and comments from experts.


  • All specialized services.

Energy modeling

We carry out mathematical modeling of the building in order to optimize energy consumption, determine energy consumption costs and compare them with the cost of design solutions, calculate payback periods in accordance with the international energy efficiency standard ASHRAE 90.1

Acceptance of engineering systems

During the project implementation, we appoint an independent experienced engineer, who handles the acceptance of engineering systems and enclosing structures throughout all phases of the project from preparation of technical requirement to testing the engineering systems of the building before commissioning.

Life cycle assessment (LCA)

We carry out a life cycle assessment of the building according to the BREEAM standard in order to optimize the environmental impact from the construction and operation of the facility.

What is a  BREEAM certified building?

  • Application of international environmental standards.

Buildings are designed and built according to advanced international standards, that provide energy efficiency, comfort, economy and environmental friendliness of the object.

  • Compliance with the highest corporate standards.

The world’s leading companies and brands require certification for their buildings and offices as a corporate standard. The following companies have certified buildings in Russia: IKEA, Olympic facilities in Sochi (Russia), Decathlon, Storm Properties, Radius Group, O1 Properties.

  • International brand

It is an international brand for environmental certification of buildings, which is recognizable all over the world.

Attributes of a green building:

  • Favorable for business

Thoughtful concept of energy efficiency, saving water, saving resources

  • Favorable for ecology

Green materials, Alternative transport, Use of renewable energy

  • Favorable for people

Natural light, Unsurpassed quality of the internal environment, Smart location selection

Additional Information:

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