VEON’s Brand, GHG Calculation



Project Description:


VEON Ltd. is a Dutch-domiciled multinational telecommunication services company that operates telecom companies across three continents. One of its brands is a global communications provider for more than 212 million customers that the company currently serves, and for many others in the coming years.


The company needed to reflect its carbon footprint in the annual corporate reporting. HPBS experts calculated its greenhouse gas emissions.


Our Role:


Calculation of greenhouse gas emissions from VimpelCom activities for 2021 (Scope 1, 2, 3 in accordance with GHGProtocol), including:


  • development of an individual calculator that takes into account the business processes of the industry and the company;
  • development of calculation methodology in accordance with the characteristics of the coverage areas;
  • selection of calculated coefficients;
  • training in greenhouse gas emissions calculations;
  • conducting random verification of calculations and quality control of performed calculations.


Key Achievements:


For the first time, the company has published a report containing the results of emissions not only for Scope 1, but also for Scope 2 and 3 in part. The project used an integrated approach, which made it possible to achieve the correct calculation without serious additional costs due to balanced solutions conceived at the conceptual stage.