JTI Company Headquarters, LEED

LEED Gold, JTI company Office in Moscow City



Project Description:

The JTI headquarters with the office space totaling 10,000 sq. meters. Initially, the space was in a “Shell and Core” condition. The company set high goals for employee comfort and environmental protection. The office features an exquisite architectural design and high-quality premium finishes. The office is designed to accommodate 500 JTI employees.


Our Role:

Ensuring compliance with the LEED Commercial Interiors certification system (in collaboration with SPC-Solutions) during the design and construction process, including:

  • Supporting the design and construction process in order to develop the best solutions and obtain a LEED Gold certificate with optimal costs
  • Consulting on the acceptance of engineering systems
  • Adapting project documentation and cooperation with the USGBC and GBCI certification authorities obtaining a LEED
  •  Obtaining the LEED Gold certificate


Key Achievements:

The JTI company office received the LEED Gold certificate, scoring 62 points. The company’s office received awards from Office Next in the Comfortable Environment category.