Greenhouse Gas Calculation Course

A practical business course on an online educational platform, focused on the use of tools for climate risk management and greenhouse gas calculations.


The program was developed by HPBS experts and is part of an ecosystem of educational trainings in the field of sustainable development, green economy and reducing the ecological footprint. It helps to understand what knowledge and tools companies need when calculating, optimizing and compensating greenhouse gas emissions for the sustainable development of your business in the international market.




To date, more than 700 people from industries such as:

  • oil and gas sector,
  • metallurgy and precious metals sector,
  • banking sector,
  • alternative energy production
  • fertilizer
  • production sector agriculture
  • sector automotive sector


Duration – 10 hours.


The course consists of the following blocks:

Sustainable development and climate
Greenhouse Gas Emission Assessment Standards
Calculation by Scope 1
Calculation by Scope 2
Calculation by Scope 3
Reporting on greenhouse gas emissions
Supply Chain Management


Throughout the course, participants listen to educational lectures, take practical tests and do homework.


By the end of the course, students make up a complete picture of the management of low-carbon development of the company and clarify key issues related to the specifics of regulatory regulation, calculation of greenhouse gas emissions, cross-border tax, carbon reporting, optimization and compensation of the greenhouse footprint on the international market. A comprehensive understanding of the green market is being formed and a roadmap for low carbon regulation of the company’s activities is being drawn up.


The training is attended by:

  • Top managers and owners of small and medium-sized businesses planning to scale production and enter the international market;
  • Director of Sustainable Business Development;
  • Specialists in ESG, ecology and sustainable development;
  • Specialists involved in the calculation of the carbon footprint, LCA and EPD;
  • Risk managers.




Course leaders, experts in the calculation and optimization of greenhouse gases, EPD and LCA products:

Ilya Zavaleev

Marina Kupriyanova


Links to the course: