EDGE Audit: NUR residential complex in Tashkent

EDGE certification project in Tashkent



Project description:


A project that implements the requirements of the EDGE certification system of the World Bank IFC.


The new NUR residential complex consists of 30 buildings of 9 and 16 floors with extensive adjacent infrastructure. The total area of the entire complex is 3.55 hectares, and it is located in the very center of the city.


The NUR residential complex is a pilot project of Namuna Development. This project represents the concept of «city within a city» where residents can find everything what they need for a fulfilling lifestyle.


This residential complex is placed in the center of Tashkent: Niyozbek Yuli 3rd passage. All the buildings are 9 and 16 stories high. There are 2-, 3-, 4-room and duplex apartments with a beautiful view of the capital. All apartments are finished with «turnkey» basis, their area is 70 sq.m. – 270 sq.m.


The environmental mission of Namuna Development is to create a balance between nature and modern technology. That’s why in the NUR residential complex 50% of the yard is reserved for the green zone.


Our role:


HPBS B.V. is providing audit for EDGE certification (Developed by IFC part of the World Bank Group).


  • EDGE Documentation Audit


  • Clarification of GBCI questions and comments


  • Issue of the preliminary EDGE design stage certificate


  • EDGE Completed Construction Audit


  • Review of the auditor’s report after the check in GBCI





Service: EDGE certification

EDGE Standard

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